Mira Training Courses

learn to help othersMira simply stands for Medicine in Remote Areas. Mira training courses are medicine courses that are taken by individuals who intend to work in areas across the world where emergency medical treatment is required.

These are courses approved by the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. These are courses mainly for students who have experience in Pre-Hospital Care to have skills and knowledge on how to deal with casualties in remote areas.

The course is designed for medics working in oil or gas industry, media industry, mountain rescue and search and medical support for disaster relief and humanitarian organizations.

If you are interested or intend to take a career in medical department, consider Mira which has the following features

1. It is a course that is fully recognized all over the world.
2. It has tier 1 medic qualification developed for medical professionals working in remote areas.
3. The course focuses mainly on stabilizing injured patients using the skills and knowledge required to provide prolonged field care.

Mira training courses takes less time of up to 5 days. Main topics covered are:

– Environmental illnesses.
– Managing injuries from road accidents, blast, gunshot wounds, ballistics and also violent attacks.
Management of life threatening infections such as chest injuries, cerebral incidents, head injuries, breathing disorders, hemorrhage control and circulatory system.
– Medical emergencies, oxygen therapy and how to handle bone dislocations, burns and fractures in a patient.
– Remote area and prolonged patient care education.
– Administration of medicine and wound dressing, medical planning and emergency treatment of dental problems.
– Advanced airway management which includes surgical airways and shock and fluid replacement.
The courses combine teachings and learning methods associated with real life scenarios, the course theories, practical and team exercises which helps to develop skills in a progressive manner. This helps students to make adequate decisions while attending to casualties.